Definition of emissions trading in English:

emissions trading


mass noun
  • A system by which countries and organizations receive permits to produce a specified amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which they may trade with others.

    • ‘Finally, there is the issue of emissions trading.’
    • ‘Lowery said a major planting programme could save the exchequer up to € 100 million in emissions trading.’
    • ‘The strategy also calls on all nations to replace emissions trading with an equitable fossil-fuel efficiency standard.’
    • ‘On January 1, the European Union will launch emissions trading to implement legal caps.’
    • ‘In the wake of the 2002 carbon tax, emissions trading seemed easier to sell to a hostile business community than regulation.’
    • ‘Any credit from international emissions trading should be very limited.’
    • ‘Under a climate plan with emissions trading, the range of losses could be cut in half.’
    • ‘They would restrict or eliminate emissions trading, thus preventing industry from seeking out the best solutions.’
    • ‘He said emissions trading was " a very real option ".’
    • ‘Emissions trading "lets the market figure out the best way to solve the problem," he said.’
    • ‘Emissions trading provides industry with flexibility to cost effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions at industry facilities or off site through trading.’
    • ‘The OECD believes that carbon taxes are a key to making emissions trading viable.’
    • ‘Point B represents the same total cost to the economy except that now emissions trading is prohibited.’
    • ‘The United States has resisted European efforts to restrict the percentage of a country's commitments that can be met by emissions trading.’
    • ‘That confusion makes any scheme of fixed quotas, including "emissions trading," out of the question.’
    • ‘Measured against what it would take to actually cool the planet, emissions trading is ultimately a form of institutional denial.’
    • ‘The reduction of other harmful gases has been supported by emissions trading for more than a decade in the United States.’
    • ‘Emissions trading can, however, complement the introduction of other policy instruments, increasing their chances of success.’
    • ‘The philosophy behind emissions trading is that it is a way of achieving environmental goals at minimum cost.’
    • ‘Carbon emissions trading is not an alternative to regulation; it is a mechanism that allows least cost achievement of regulated targets.’


emissions trading

/ɪˈmɪʃnz ˌtreɪdɪŋ/