Definition of emissive in English:



  • Having the power to radiate something, especially light, heat, or radiation.

    • ‘A more quantitative approach on absorption and emission of radiation in terms of absorptive power and emissive power are explained with specific references to block - body radiation.’
    • ‘A reflective and emissive roof system reduces both internal heat loads and the building's contribution to the ‘urban heat-island’ effect.’
    • ‘While the reflective and emissive properties of a roof are most important for its coolness, other factors such as insulation, roof orientation and roof pitch contribute to a building's overall thermal efficiency.’
    • ‘With only one emissive species the fluorescence anisotropy should not change over the emission band belonging to a particular electronic transition.’
    • ‘These television displays use a phosphor coating as the emissive medium, but do not rely on a single electron gun, as with CRT displays.’
    • ‘Since the PDP is emissive (produces its own light), the amount of light it emits can be flexibly regulated according to the use environment.’
    • ‘It should also be possible to use an emissive polymersome vesicle to transport therapeutics directly to a tumor, enabling us to actually see if chemotherapy is really going to its intended target.’
    • ‘This is rapidly improving, as wider gamut decoders are released, but these types of emissive displays will have trouble approaching the low-light detail of CRTs for some time to come.’
    • ‘A second prerequisite for observing fluorescence depolarization from a CT complex is that the complex is emissive.’
    • ‘The fact that biexponential fits are always required shows that different emissive species are present in the samples.’


Mid 17th century (in the sense ‘that is emitted’): from Latin emiss- ‘emitted, sent out’ (from the verb emittere) + -ive.