Definition of emissivity in English:




See emissive

  • ‘This inversion technique takes into account atmospheric effects on the radiation and spatial variations in the surface emissivity and backscatter.’
  • ‘This is because metal performs well when it comes to both emissivity and solar reflectivity.’
  • ‘Because of the lower roof surface temperature on roofs with a high emissivity and high reflectivity, urban heat islands can be reduced with widespread use of cool roofs.’
  • ‘These variations between the two bands depend on emissivity and reflectivity of the materials that make up the target and/or background.’
  • ‘The material's ceramic components exhibit the property of high emissivity, which means the material tends to radiate heat.’
  • ‘Low emissivity (low-e) glass has a special surface coating to reduce heat transfer back through the window.’