Definition of empanelment in English:


(also impanelment)

Pronunciation /ɪmˈpanlm(ə)nt/ /ɛmˈpanlm(ə)nt/


See empanel

  • ‘As soon as criminal contempt charges or the empanelment of a new grand jury became real possibilities, she chose to do what she could have done before going to jail: reach out to get a verbal confirmation from him.’
  • ‘He argues that there is simply no way he can be ready for jury empanelment in four months.’
  • ‘On the second day of jury empanelment, the judge closed the courtroom while he questioned several prospective jurors who had arrest records, to see whether they could objectively serve on the panel.’
  • ‘He argued that the judge's decision to close the courtroom during jury impanelment proceedings constituted a violation of Cohen's right to an open trial.’



/ɪmˈpanlm(ə)nt/ /ɛmˈpanlm(ə)nt/