Definition of emperor penguin in English:

emperor penguin


  • The largest penguin, which has a yellow patch on each side of the head and rears its young during the Antarctic winter.

    Aptenodytes forsteri, family Spheniscidae

    • ‘The emperor penguin is the largest penguin species and also one of the few found in Antarctica.’
    • ‘Only one bird - the emperor penguin - will winter on Antarctica and use the frozen continent as a nursery.’
    • ‘I ended the book with a photograph of an emperor penguin chick from the Antarctic.’
    • ‘But what really fascinates, and confounds, scientists is the emperor penguin's abilities as a deep-sea diver.’
    • ‘Adelies are one of only two penguin species, the other being the emperor penguin, that breed on the shores of the Antarctic continent.’
    • ‘An emperor penguin is a hefty bird, weighing about forty pounds - in the same range as the flightless South American rhea, which is similar to an ostrich.’
    • ‘Of the 17 species of penguins, the largest is the emperor penguin: At 4 feet tall and 65 to 90 pounds, it is about three times the size of the smallest.’
    • ‘Ponganis, the emperor penguin expert, says increased tourism may have negative effects on penguin populations.’
    • ‘It was also thought that the emperor penguin was the most primitive of existing birds, so the contents of the penguin's eggs might reveal the evolutionary origin of birds.’
    • ‘Unexpectedly, a large emperor penguin came sliding in from miles away to watch us.’
    • ‘Love, it turns out, has very little to do with the mating habits of the emperor penguin.’
    • ‘The only apex predators that live year-round at high latitudes of the Ross Sea are the Weddell seal and emperor penguin.’
    • ‘That astonishing insulation is critical because not only do emperor penguins rear their young in the extreme Antarctic environment - they do it while fasting.’
    • ‘Raging hormones might help explain why female emperor penguins that have lost a baby sometimes kidnap the chick of another.’


emperor penguin