Definition of empire builder in English:

empire builder


  • 1A person who adds to or strengthens an empire.

    • ‘But the empire builder was Suppiluliumas, whose conquests are recorded by his son Mursilis II in histories entitled the ‘Deeds’ and ‘Ten-year Annals’.’
    • ‘The founding of the town of Livingstone begins with the unrealised dream by the British empire builder, John Cecil Rhodes who hatched the idea of constructing a Cape Town to Cairo (C to C) railway to boost the fortunes of Britain.’
    • ‘The plot of the novel is predictable: the repulsive and pitiable Eurasian, obstacle to true love and happiness, must die so that the virtuous Englishwoman and the virile empire builder can unite in a happy ending.’
    • ‘Profiled here are two famous South Africans who have minerals named after them, one a geologist and mine discoverer, and the other a mine financier and empire builder.’
    • ‘On the other hand, we also have a long history of sticking around for a few years and then pulling out, hardly the mark of an empire builder.’
    • ‘To be an empire builder was to be an adventurer, a hero, a selfless labourer for others' well-being.’
    • ‘The Romans of the republic were one of the most predatory peoples in world history, as well as among the greatest military leaders, statesmen, empire builders, rulers, legislators, and administrators.’
    • ‘Here the empire builders of the Victorian era once smoked their cigars and congratulated themselves on their industry as an orchestra played.’
    • ‘The British are usually given the credit, or blame, depending on one's vantage point, as empire builders.’
    • ‘In history great conquerors have been many but empire builders or even founders of kingdoms few.’
    • ‘Missionaries often accompanied European and later twentieth-century American empire builders, but they did not necessarily share their views.’
    1. 1.1A person who seeks more power, responsibility, or staff within an organization for the purposes of self-aggrandizement.
      • ‘However logical such deals may seem to the empire builders, they raise new questions about how much consolidation is too much.’
      • ‘Vanderbilt was an empire builder, the first great corporate tycoon in American history.’
      • ‘The empire builder is offering a stock swap deal, which puts our company under his control.’
      • ‘My children, two boys, have more money than they will ever need, and they aren't empire builders.’
      • ‘For much of his career, as a consultant in international development, John Perkins says he was an empire builder… though maybe not in ways you'd think.’
      • ‘Empire builder: An insecure IT administrator or engineer who tries to make himself indispensable by keeping code, passwords, or other knowledge of a system to himself.’


empire builder

/ˌɛmpʌɪə ˈbɪldə/