Definition of emplane in English:


(also enplane)


  • Go or put on board an aircraft.

    no object ‘some travellers spend the night before emplaning the next day for New York’
    with object ‘an airport that emplanes 100 passengers or more per day’
    • ‘It now requires all aircraft operators who enplane or deplane passengers into a sterile area at an airport to conduct screening before departure.’
    • ‘Although the players appeared clearly unhappy as they prepared to emplane, they were not willing to speak on record.’
    • ‘Bangalore is expected to take away a chunk of the traffic as more people from the software capital are emplaning towards the US every day.’
    • ‘The individuals who wish to cheer for India can sign on the card with ‘inspiring’ messages that would be presented to Indian cricketers before they emplane for South Africa.’
    • ‘The city sought an airport that would provide a positive passenger experience and meet service expectations, while challenging the designers to hold the cost per enplaned passenger to a fixed amount.’
    be in time for, reach in time, make, get to



/ɪmˈpleɪn/ /ɛmˈpleɪn/