Definition of employment office in English:

employment office


  • (in the UK) a government employment agency.

    • ‘The definition of what constitutes a ‘reasonable’ job offer is to be made more ‘flexible’, increasing the likelihood that the employment office can withdraw benefits when such a post is refused.’
    • ‘Until now, an employment office has had to prove that an unemployed person is unwilling to work in order to be able to reduce or withhold his benefits.’
    • ‘Job seekers visiting the employment office in Ipswich found an unusual offering among the usual advertisements for waiters and nurses: a knife-thrower's assistant.’
    • ‘He returned to the employment office and was drafted to another mail room, this time at a well-known magazine.’
    • ‘Early last year she looked after John when his mother was at work in an employment office.’
    • ‘Before graduation she went to the employment office at Cambridge and was told, ‘We have too many arts graduates like you.’’
    • ‘Attendance in the employment office increased by 100 per cent and job placements fell by 50 per cent.’
    • ‘The local employment office was swamped with hundreds clamoring for work.’
    • ‘This figure recorded only those registered as seeking employment and receiving some sort of support from employment offices.’