Definition of emprise in English:


(also emprize)


  • 1archaic A purpose, an intention. rare after Middle English.

  • 2archaic An undertaking, an enterprise; especially one of a bold, adventurous, or chivalrous nature.

  • 3archaic, rare Martial prowess; courage, daring; enterprising character, (in earlier use) especially as typical of a knight.

  • 4archaic Renown, glory, achievement. rare after Middle English.


Middle English; earliest use found in Body and Soul. From Anglo-Norman enprise, Anglo-Norman and Old French, Middle French emprise (French emprise) an enterprise, undertaking, purpose, scheme, plan, enterprising character, initiative, courage, use as noun of the past participle of emprendre to undertake, to engage in, begin, to arrange, organize, (reflexive) to make an agreement (with someone), from an unattested post-classical Latin form *imprehendere to take in hand from classical Latin im- + prehendere.