Definition of emptiness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The state of containing nothing.

    ‘the vast emptiness of space’
    • ‘On my left, there are several yards of emptiness, then trees.’
    • ‘Nora, however, had not intended to swap the isolation of north-east Scotland for the vast emptiness of the Canadian prairie.’
    • ‘There is a wedge of Yorkshire Dales emptiness to explore.’
    • ‘A cutting silence gives an eerie feel of emptiness.’
    • ‘Parts of the paint surface are often blank, using the emptiness of the underlying texture to generate a sense of the Tao.’
    • ‘The streets are deserted, their emptiness emphasized by the lonely sound of the wind.’
    • ‘Bitter, icy emptiness greeted him where Juliana's essence should've been.’
    • ‘I felt an emptiness inside me, all my energy drained.’
    • ‘As you dug you could see the dirt actively change places with the emptiness.’
    • ‘While the physical emptiness remains, the memories and the love also remain.’
    • ‘The emptiness in the sky can spread.’
    • ‘The emptiness of the rooms was disturbing.’
    • ‘You also cannot say that the emptiness in one container was different from the emptiness in another.’
    • ‘It is this eerie emptiness that Lucier's camera records.’
    • ‘Still, Canada's vast, frozen emptiness offers a unique playground for Mars-gazing scientists.’
    • ‘The quiet emptiness of the town in contrast to the mad rush of the falls creates an almost zen-garden sense of contemplation.’
    • ‘Beyond, there was no vegetation, no twigs, no stones, no tracks - total emptiness.’
    • ‘Now, with much of the rubble cleared, its vast emptiness reveals the horrible dimensions of the December tragedy.’
    • ‘Russia's collapsing birth rate feeds fears that Siberia's emptiness will be infiltrated from the teeming nations to the south.’
    • ‘For most people it is too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, too austere in its emptiness, too far from port, too tough on the spirit.’
    vacantness, bareness, blankness, clearness, barrenness, desolation
    meaninglessness, hollowness, idleness, ineffectiveness, ineffectuality, uselessness, futility, worthlessness, fruitlessness, insubstantiality
    futility, purposelessness, pointlessness, aimlessness, meaninglessness, worthlessness, valuelessness, hollowness, barrenness, senselessness, banality, triviality, insignificance, unimportance
    void, vacuum, vacuity, empty space, blank space, gap, vacancy, hiatus, hole, hollow, cavity, chasm, abyss, gulf
    blankness, expressionlessness, vacancy, vacantness, vacuousness, glaze, fixedness, woodenness, stoniness, impassivity, emotionlessness, unresponsiveness, inscrutability
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  • 2The quality of lacking meaning or sincerity; meaninglessness.

    ‘he realizes the emptiness of his statement’
    • ‘His tossing a TV off a hotel balcony is a staged prank that inadvertently exposes the emptiness of the act.’
    • ‘The apparent intensity of this backlash masks the real emptiness of such complaints.’
    • ‘He has "mastered the art of saying nothing" with his excessive use of platitudes of emptiness that reinforce mistaken ideas.’
    • ‘We understand that we are not what we think we are, that there is emptiness beneath our projection.’
    • ‘To appreciate what came next, one must be aware of the emptiness in our understanding of inheritance at that time.’
    • ‘Sacks adds to this the decadence and emptiness of our culture, especially when exported and transmitted by television.’
    • ‘It says so much about the emptiness of modern life that there has been so little discussion of the key problems confronting our nation.’
    • ‘When you act to impress others, you feel the emptiness inside.’
    • ‘We're shown a life full of emptiness: the reject of a world of suburban conformity, bulk food and consumer gratification.’
    • ‘This should have triggered a warning to my feeble little mind, yet the emptiness remained unnoticed.’
    • ‘Obtuse terminology squashes out the real words, leaving you with a strange sense of emptiness.’
    • ‘To my enjoyment, he made no more explanation, so I let him stew in the emptiness of the verbal vacuum he created.’
    • ‘This is music that perfectly captures the surreal emptiness of everyday life in a digital world.’
    • ‘His method is to play with advertising language in such a way as to show its emptiness in any discussion of poetry.’
  • 3The quality of having no value or purpose; futility.

    ‘feelings of emptiness and loneliness’
    • ‘In our constant search for happiness in the west, we fill our emptiness with possessions.’
    • ‘We lived in emptiness, not working or studying.’
    • ‘Emptiness washed over me from time to time, immersion in work only masked my inner sadness.’
    • ‘Even the beautiful Angelica cannot take his mind away from this emptiness.’
    • ‘These stories, ranging in length from a few pages to a paragraph to a sentence, convey a sense of emptiness.’
    • ‘I sometimes experienced an inner emptiness that I prayed God would help fill.’
    • ‘The expression then was priceless, something between defeat and misery, between loss and emptiness.’
    • ‘They made plans for the next day and upon hanging up the phone, the emptiness began to consume her.’
    • ‘His frown indicates his own personal dissatisfaction and emptiness.’
    • ‘Celebration and thankfulness matter, but should not push out real feelings of emptiness when we lose someone.’
    • ‘Philosophers wrote about the absurdity and emptiness of human existence in the extraneous Universe.’
    • ‘Therefore, trying to fill our emptiness with anything other than spiritual pursuits is like trying to plug a round hole with a square cork.’
    • ‘Then and only then will we take back control over the market forces that are the cause of our increasing emptiness and anxiety.’
    • ‘This important essence addresses existential feelings of loss and emptiness.’
    • ‘On the one hand, there is loss and anxiety in the face of annihilation, stemming from emptiness and a sense of guilt.’
    • ‘It is graphic, depressing and leaves the audience with an overriding feeling of emptiness.’
    • ‘As I closed the door behind me I was struck by the silence that filled my hallway and the emptiness that filled my life.’
    • ‘For the European, loneliness is emptiness, alienation from society and tradition.’
    • ‘We forget spaces, our own emptiness, to construct places that tell exciting stories about who we are.’
    • ‘The emptiness that I had been trying to fill was replaced with fulfillment in Jesus.’