Definition of emptor in English:



  • A person who makes a purchase; a buyer.

    ‘the gullible emptor had it coming for a long time’
    • ‘Today, I think that a phrase that better describes the current state of affairs might be business emptor - let the business beware.’
    • ‘It can be a consumer guide to the virtues and defects of the product so that the emptor is adequately caveated.’
    • ‘To sell a book to a publisher, you need three things: a hook, a line, and an emptor.’
    • ‘All emptors should do their research.’
    • ‘It's up to you, the poor emptor, to manage the caveat side of this relationship all by yourself.’
    purchaser, shopper, customer, consumer, client, patron, investor, user


Late 19th century Latin, from emere ‘to buy’.