Definition of empty suit in English:

empty suit


  • An important or wealthy man regarded as lacking substance, personality, or ability.

    ‘they're a bunch of Ivy League empty suits’
    • ‘Hidden beneath enormous pinstripes, he seemed like the sartorial embodiment of a political hack - literally, an empty suit.’
    • ‘I wasn't born into the corporation like some of the empty suits.’
    • ‘Maybe the empty suits mismanaging the Corporation will even be fired.’
    • ‘Maybe, now people will see what an empty suit this guy is.’
    • ‘I don't believe he is an empty suit.’
    • ‘An empty suit at MTV would be found out pretty quickly given that culture.’
    • ‘He won, but I always thought he was a gutless empty suit.’
    • ‘O'Neill has described him as an "empty suit."’
    • ‘She's honest, hard working and she's not one of the empty suits in Washington.’
    • ‘"I don't think anybody would accuse him of being an empty suit," Mr. Wilson said.’
    • ‘What a pathetic fraud of an empty suit John is.’
    • ‘The man is an empty suit.’
    • ‘There are nine empty suits to divide and conquer.’
    • ‘I used to think he was an empty suit, but if you watched the debates of the Republicans, they were terrific.’
    • ‘I'm hopeful that the electorate is a bit more serious than last time and will see the contrast between a man of real substance and an empty suit.’
    • ‘Don't tell me that, as a nation, we can't distinguish courage from stubbornness, philosophy from platitudes, and an empty suit from a full one.’
    • ‘It's extremely irritating to have to watch this empty suit treat his guests like children and then pat himself on the back as if he's accomplished something.’
    • ‘In many ways, he is the opposite of an empty suit - he's stuffed so full of facts and work product, he can hardly move.’
    • ‘We've had empty promises from empty suits.’
    • ‘He wasn't pleased that I called him an empty suit and wrote back to tell me that he would continue to call out these people for their bad manners.’