Definition of emu-bob in English:



[no object]Australian
  • Carry out a detailed search of an area.

    ‘the men form a line and emu-bob through the waist-high scrub’
    with object ‘after emu-bobbing the surroundings for potential clues, they return along the track’
    • ‘The scouts spend much of the afternoon emu-bobbing through the scrub.’
    • ‘They are emu-bobbing the desert at the moment with choppers.’
    • ‘While waiting, they emu-bobbed the outer vicinity and the nearby roadside verges.’
    • ‘After emu-bobbing the surrounds for potential clues, they sent the constables to return along the track.’
    • ‘Groups of cadets scoured the area 'emu-bobbing' to ensure there was no litter.’


Early 20th century with allusion to the movements of an emu bending its neck towards the ground in search of food.