Definition of emulsification in English:



See emulsify

  • ‘Phosphates can aid in the emulsification and protection of colloidal suspensions for the food industry as well.’
  • ‘Bitumen can, however, be transferred into a workable state by applying heat, by blending with petroleum solvents or by emulsification in water to form a bitumen emulsion.’
  • ‘Poloxamers have an extensive range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry such as emulsification, solubilization, dispersion and as thickening, coating and wetting agents.’
  • ‘The ultimate fate of bile acids is secretion into the intestine, where they aid in the emulsification of dietary lipids.’
  • ‘Mastication and emulsification of solids and liquids start the digestion process.’
  • ‘Glutens are often added to prepared food for taste and emulsification.’
  • ‘A second major factor in stability is the emulsification process, a combination of creaming or mixing the cheese and the addition of emulsifying salts.’