Definition of en cabochon in English:

en cabochon


  • (of a gem) polished but not faceted.

    ‘precious stones en cabochon’
    • ‘They are generally cut en cabochon, but is often cut into round pieces for necklaces and pendants.’
    • ‘If the gem is cut en cabochon so that the base is parallel to the fibers, when rotated in a single light source, the ‘eye’ slides over the surface of the gem.’
    • ‘Fine quality gems cut en cabochon were often used to reinterpret Mughal motifs from art of the Mughal Empire, which merged Hindu and Persian elements.’
    • ‘A superb blue topaz, reminiscent of clear tropical waters, was custom cut en cabochon especially for this stunning ring.’
    • ‘It is considered to be a sacred stone in India and by tradition, it is always cut en cabochon.’
    • ‘When a star sapphire is cut en cabochon, and viewed at just the right angle, reflected light causes a six-rayed star to project across the top of the stone.’
    • ‘The gems are usually cut en cabochon, meaning with a convex, rounded surface that is polished but unfaceted, in order to best display their chatoyancy.’
    • ‘Besides being faceted and cut en cabochon, rubies are sometimes engraved with inscriptions or figures, this being most frequently done in the East.’
    • ‘Matrix opal is only found at Andamooka and is generally cut and sold en cabochon.’
    • ‘From the Art Deco era, a unique pendant created from brass and set with a large oval piece of yellow glass cut en cabochon.’