Definition of en daube in English:

en daube


  • (of meat) braised slowly in wine.

    • ‘Meat cooked ‘en daube’ is usually braised in red wine stock with root vegetables and herbs.’
    • ‘The cooked foodstuff was then removed to be eaten ‘dry’ (without the sauce) and often cold. If the food was eaten in its sauce, it ceased to be en daube and became en compote.’
    • ‘Beef is often prepared as a stew called boeuf en daube with vegetables being a main staple served as a gratin, in salads or stuffed with meat.’
    • ‘Wait a minute, thought I. Am I not in France, home of the gratin dauphinois, the mousse au chocolat, the boeuf en daube?’
    • ‘We stopped for lunch in this attractive village where I had a single course of boeuf en daube (a Provencal classic) with pasta.’