Definition of enactive in English:



See enact

  • ‘Although the metaphor of an ocean with many shores is helpful to illustrate the variety of spiritual realities, it is ultimately inadequate to convey the participatory and enactive nature of spiritual knowing.’
  • ‘These writing results confirmed the sequential advantages of engaging in observational learning before engaging in enactive learning experiences.’
  • ‘Further, enactive mastery, or the direct experience of completing tasks and overcoming obstacles, particularly in the early stages of career development, is positively related to self-efficacy.’
  • ‘Business, technology, and entrepreneurship skills, incorporating enactive mastery components, should be topics for continuing education programs.’
  • ‘It may enable trainees to experience enactive mastery from doing the things they originally feared.’
  • ‘Self-organisation is one of the key notions in support of an enactive model in cognitive science.’