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  • 1The process of passing legislation.

    • ‘the enactment of equal pay legislation’
    passing, making law, ratification, ratifying, validation, validating, sanction, sanctioning, approval, approving, endorsement, adoption
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    1. 1.1A law that is passed.
      • ‘enactments covering food safety’
      bill, act, law, by-law, order, decree, resolution, ruling, rule, regulation, statute, edict, measure, motion, command, commandment, pronouncement, proclamation, dictate, dictum, diktat, fiat
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  • 2A process of acting something out.

    • ‘the story becomes an enactment of his fantasies’
    acting, playing, performing, performance, staging, appearance
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/inˈak(t)mənt/ /ɪnˈæk(t)mənt/