Definition of enameler in English:



(British enameller)

See enamel

‘I'm one of a small group of full-time enamellers working in Ireland today.’
  • ‘Since then I have worked with one of the best enamellers in the country, and have taken over the workshop where I began my career.’
  • ‘However, often engravers’ and enamellers ' signatures do appear.’
  • ‘She suggests that the inscriptions on these enamels identify a workshop, rather than individual enamellers, and that the Wallace Collection enamel might have been made there.’
  • ‘The most famous of British art deco designers, Cliff was born in Stoke on Trent in 1899 and left school at 13 to work as an apprentice enameller in a local ceramics factory.’
  • ‘The celebrated enameller William Beilby served an apprenticeship in copper enamelling in Birmingham from 1755.’
  • ‘By the thirteenth century, these techniques had reached Venice, where Byzantine enamelers were settling.’
  • ‘In all four plaques the enameler has made plentiful use of the devices we have already discussed for creating a sense of three-dimensionality.’