Definition of encage in English:



[with object]literary
  • Confine in or as in a cage.

    ‘two little canary birds were encaged in her window’
    • ‘His round hairless face encages an assortment of features that prowl across the surface, searching for means of escape.’
    • ‘The woman, like her alienated and encaged heart, is restricted.’
    • ‘I thought surely that now I am eighteen you would let me make my own decisions, but no you encaged me even more, if that is possible.’
    • ‘The medical center was encaged in a barbed-wire fence that I felt sure was also electric.’
    • ‘The first sees that the second has a large crate he's carrying around with him, so he inquires whether some sort of animal is encaged within it.’
    • ‘Instead of encaging animals for profit, commerce should be financially supporting breeding programmes of animals in the wild, many of which are becoming rapidly extinct.’



/ɪnˈkeɪdʒ/ /ɛnˈkeɪdʒ/