Definition of encampment in English:



  • 1A place with temporary accommodation consisting of huts or tents, typically for troops or nomads.

    ‘a Bedouin encampment’
    • ‘They have remained committed for over a decade, despite the permanent encampment of 20,000 troops surrounding them.’
    • ‘He led them through the encampment of blue tents; it was like walking through a ghost town.’
    • ‘It was Faouzi's idea to stop within sight of a nomad encampment on the way home.’
    • ‘The soldiers have setup a battlefield encampment that sends injured soldiers through a five-step process.’
    • ‘Some of the areas have been turned over to contractors who will construct an encampment for 5,000 soldiers.’
    • ‘Intelligence on the strength of enemy units, location of encampments, and designs of fortifications was almost nil.’
    • ‘The new policy will have to deal with a rising number of unauthorised encampments in the borough.’
    • ‘The squall of a baby using its lungs for the first time rang out over the Bedouin encampment.’
    • ‘The full moon slowly rises, orange-red above the Georgia forest, illuminating a small encampment of tents and camouflage.’
    • ‘Siri watched him leave the temporary encampment, and then looked around at the site.’
    • ‘Finally, the young warrior came to the clearing in the woods that was their temporary encampment.’
    • ‘Use of this equipment in planning your route into an enemy encampment is essential.’
    • ‘We're going to shift north to avoid an enemy encampment.’
    • ‘Together, William and the king, Jonathan, walked through the army encampment.’
    • ‘On this occasion the unemployed workers decided to set up a tent encampment outside the council gates.’
    • ‘Dinner is at an ancient outdoor Bedouin encampment.’
    • ‘Both local authorities had in place policies and procedures relating to unauthorised Traveller encampments.’
    • ‘The committee decided that most illegal traveller encampments were caused by a lack of places to stop.’
    • ‘We were worried about enemy patrols and the risk of tripping landmines on the trail or on the site of the old encampment.’
    • ‘Homeowners have received an anonymous letter warning them of an increase in illegal encampments on the green belt site.’
    camp, military camp, bivouac, cantonment, barracks, base, station, post
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    1. 1.1A prehistoric enclosed or fortified site, especially an Iron Age hill fort.
      • ‘When earth-moving works were carried out on the slopes of Mont Boron to the north-west of the Grotte, a Lower Palaeolithic encampment was revealed and excavated.’
      • ‘No animal bones survived in the site's acid soils but pits, scoops and some 20 stakeholes suggested an encampment.’
      • ‘With its prehistoric burial mounds, barrows and encampments, its feudal laws and time-trapped settlements, the New Forest is anything but dull.’
      • ‘Larger village sites have yielded a much wider range of chert tools than have smaller encampments.’
      • ‘Settlements were often small, represented archaeologically by stone scatters and traces of a tented encampment.’
      • ‘There archaeologists found what appeared to be a temporary encampment occupied by ‘a small hunter-gatherer unit.’’
    2. 1.2mass noun The action of setting up a camp.
      • ‘In the midst of the night, this encampment in these sparse woods on the edge of Ther'kass was eerily silent.’
      • ‘Several government bodies are major landowners and their land may be subject to unauthorised encampment - examples include the Forestry Commission and the Highways Agency.’
      • ‘A staggering 25 tonnes of rubbish and building rubble was left behind after the four day encampment on the main car park at Pennington Flash Country Park.’
      • ‘Superficially, capitalism's main impact seemed to be the encampments of kiosks in public spaces, engaged in selling all kinds of home and foreign items at high prices.’



/ɪnˈkampm(ə)nt/ /ɛnˈkampm(ə)nt/