Definition of encapsidate in English:


transitive verb

[with object]Biochemistry
  • Enclose (a gene or virus particle) in a protein shell.

    ‘each piece of dsRNA is encapsidated separately’
    • ‘The helical segments were presumed to be elements of stem-loop structures formed when the RNA was condensed and encapsidated by the protein.’
    • ‘Wild-type viruses might produce abundant capsid proteins that are freely obtainable from the resource pool, and these could allow the less-fit mutants to be encapsidated at a higher rate than occurs during clonal infections.’
    • ‘Viral capsids are rigid protein shells whose function is to protect their encapsidated genome of single- or double-stranded RNA or DNA.’
    • ‘Their studies revealed both long-range and short-range order of the encapsidated DNA.’
    • ‘To determine the configuration of the encapsidated chain, we posit local hexagonal ordering and a uniaxial symmetry of the packaged DNA.’
    • ‘This would indeed be the case if one neglects the presence of fixed charge inside associated with the encapsidated genome.’



/inˈkapsəˌdāt/ /ɪnˈkæpsəˌdeɪt/ /enˈkapsəˌdāt/ /ɛnˈkæpsəˌdeɪt/


1980s from en-+ capsid+ -ate.