Definition of encapsulation in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of enclosing something in or as if in a capsule.

    ‘encapsulation of contaminants within a solid glasslike matrix’
    ‘encapsulation of the iron prevents its interaction with food’
    • ‘The average multiflora sets roughly a million seeds a year, and encapsulation in tasty "hips" readily devoured by birds primes them for propagation.’
    • ‘The company says the encapsulation process or coating allows the probiotics to reach the small intestine unharmed, where they are then triggered for release.’
    • ‘Processes such as liquid and dry blending, encapsulation, spray drying, dehydration, pasteurization and sterilization give McCormick expert customer support capabilities.’
    • ‘The company's encapsulation technology coats the probiotic to protect it from moisture, high humidity and acidity.’
    • ‘The dairy pilot plant includes facilities for milk processing, cheese making, encapsulation and extrusion, and spray drying.’
    • ‘The route metaphorically traces the life cycle of a butterfly, leading visitors through the encapsulation of the chrysalis, and the colour burst as wings unfold, before taking flight to the landscape beyond.’
    • ‘Traditionally, food designers have used starches to provide a wide array of functionalities including: viscosity, gel formation, encapsulation, crispness, and suspension.’
    • ‘Since they absorb moisture, which decreases their effectiveness, salt hydrates require costly and impractical encapsulation, with a semi-impermeable coating for improved performance.’
    • ‘Fatty acids are also incorporated into the drywall by immersion or encapsulation.’
    • ‘There are now coatings that can enhance the encapsulation of asbestos to walls and ceilings, and these are highly effective in sealing it in.’
    1. 1.1Computing The process of enclosing a message or signal in a set of codes which allow transfer across networks.
      ‘proper encapsulation of data for network transmission’
      • ‘Outlook can decode the encapsulation to retrieve all the properties of the original message.’
      • ‘It provides the encapsulation of serial data into TCP or UDP/IP packets for transmission across the Ethernet.’
      • ‘As the ubiquitous data description and encapsulation standard, XML has quickly evolved into a container for all kinds of data.’
      • ‘Transport neutral encapsulation format (TNEF) is a method to pass ASCII text, other files and objects, along with binary message data.’
      • ‘Longer term, Ethernet is developing storage-oriented traffic encapsulation protocols which would move storage-over-IP.’
    2. 1.2Computing The provision of an interface for a piece of software or hardware to allow or simplify access for the user.
      • ‘Several ISV products have emerged to allow the encapsulation of legacy business logic as a Web service.’
      • ‘The encapsulation adds overhead, but for optical drives in the PC market, price is much more important than performance.’
      • ‘A QAction is the encapsulation of a certain action the user can ask the GUI interface to perform.’
      • ‘First, it seemed natural to use class encapsulation for the driver interfaces because of their abstract nature.’
      • ‘Diaz and Harmes start with the intricacies of concepts like interfaces, encapsulation, and inheritance, which form the basis of small patterns in JavaScript.’
  • 2The succinct expression or depiction of the essential features of something.

    ‘his encapsulation of the concept’
    count noun ‘this article is an encapsulation of everything that is wrong with the economy’
    • ‘Containing works by some of the biggest names in British art, the show is a miniature encapsulation of the taste of a decade.’
    • ‘It is an encapsulation of the dreams of our people for two millennia.’
    • ‘In your career and demeanour we see the complete encapsulation of the New Scotland.’
    • ‘Where's his old fire, the dismissive rebuke, the sardonic encapsulation, the trademark outspokenness?’
    • ‘I was commissioned to put together a 20-minute biographical assessment of the man, an assessment that was to include a tight encapsulation of his prodigious thought.’
    • ‘Just being general here-don't attack my dodgy encapsulation.’
    • ‘I found this study loaded with useful heuristic encapsulations, and entertaining in its choices for analysis, from early cinema to the present.’
    • ‘The book was a wonderful encapsulation of who we are, what we were and what we will become.’
    • ‘Which is to say: it's a bland encapsulation of everything that's wrong with modern pop music.’
    • ‘It's impossible to provide a coherent synopsis of the earliest surviving film by the Brothers Quay, as Nocturna Artificialia defies attempts at verbal encapsulation at every turn.’