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  • A person who uses magic or sorcery, especially to put someone or something under a spell.

    ‘There were four ranks a person could be - witch or wizard, mage, enchanter or enchantress, and sorcerer or sorceress.’
    • ‘Youli watched as the enchanter began his spell.’
    • ‘I started feeling the magic when the enchanter began waving his hands around.’
    • ‘It was the White Witch, sorceress and enchanter, whose command over the mystic forces and arcane arts was rivaled only by Prince Albrecht himself.’
    • ‘They were all enchanters and enchantresses, for the city of Nevada was strictly forbidden to mortals.’
    • ‘He seizes upon the device of the wicked enchanters to explain the discrepancy between his own vision and that of those around him.’
    • ‘Maybe he wanted to show of his powers, but since I was the only one there and had little admiration for enchanters in general, it seemed a silly reason to keep out of the battle.’
    • ‘When he is shown to be mistaken, he blames the confusion on evil enchanters.’
    • ‘Don Quijote informs them that she is still a virgin, but has been transformed into a common peasant by enchanters.’
    • ‘Even ogres, gnomes and probably, Deran thought, a few enchanters were present.’
    wizard, witch, sorcerer, warlock, magician, necromancer, spellbinder, magus, conjuror
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/inˈCHan(t)ər/ /ɪnˈtʃæn(t)ər/ /enˈCHan(t)ər/ /ɛnˈtʃæn(t)ər/