Definition of encipher in English:



[with object]
  • Convert (a message or piece of text) into a coded form.

    as adjective enciphered ‘an enciphered text’
    • ‘In this type of cryptography the encryption function (which enciphers a message) can be computed by anybody, using the public key.’
    • ‘Here the message is enciphered word by word (or character by character), where the rule for the encryption of each word is determined by its position in the message.’
    • ‘However, just as one side invented an ingenious new way to encipher its messages, so would its enemies discover a clever way of cracking that code.’
    • ‘Enigma was the German term for an ingenious, lightweight and robust text enciphering machine with its own power source.’
    • ‘These came from decrypted German messages sent on the Enigma enciphering machine, and by 1944, the Allies were reading some of the messages in 'real time’.’
    • ‘Roughly six months later, when the testing process is completed, the identities of acceptable donors are enciphered.’
    • ‘Somehow, the sender and recipient agree on which section of the number string they will use to encipher and then decipher the message.’
    • ‘However, the key to success was to switch from plain text to enciphered text as well as frequency-hopping mode.’
    • ‘The enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code or cipher is called cryptology.’
    • ‘Parties who want to communicate in privacy share a relatively short key that they both use to select a sequence of random bits from the public broadcast; the selected bits serve as an enciphering key for their messages.’
    • ‘I seized what I hoped were most of the enciphered messages, the radio crystals, and as many of the cipher books as I could reach.’
    • ‘Enigma is a very sophisticated enciphering machine, and Shark is its ultimate refinement.’
    cryptic, encoded, coded, enciphered, hidden, mysterious, abstruse, recondite, arcane, esoteric, cabbalistic



/ɪnˈsʌɪfə/ /ɛnˈsʌɪfə/