Definition of encouragingly in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈkʌrɪdʒɪŋli/ /ɛnˈkʌrɪdʒɪŋli/


See encouraging

as sentence adverb ‘encouragingly, there is more research being done today’
as submodifier ‘the level of activity continues to be encouragingly high’
  • ‘The entire room continued to stare stonily at me while Wanda nodded encouragingly.’
  • ‘Margaret was smiling encouragingly, so she continued.’
  • ‘A reasonable number of anglers fished the lake and, encouragingly, reported that good numbers of fish were observed.’
  • ‘Instead I nod sagely and smile encouragingly because there is actually nothing worse than the sleeplessness that comes with a new baby.’
  • ‘Equally, casualties among our troops have been encouragingly low.’
  • ‘However, the majority of the feedback [both online and off] has been encouragingly positive.’
  • ‘Most encouragingly, everyone believes that improvement is possible and practicable.’



/ɪnˈkʌrɪdʒɪŋli/ /ɛnˈkʌrɪdʒɪŋli/