Definition of encyst in English:



  • Enclose or become enclosed in a cyst.

    ‘once the parasite is encysted the fish is heading for death’
    ‘tapeworms are notorious in their ability to encyst in a great variety of hosts’
    • ‘While encysted, the glochidia will metamorphose, allowing the organs to develop more like an adult's organs.’
    • ‘In all cases reported to date, gordiid larvae have been found encysted in the host tissue.’
    • ‘Second, it can encyst inside a daughter sporocyst as a metacercariae, be voided with the sporocyst, and then be consumed by the benthic-feeding definitive host, rosyside dace.’
    • ‘Once the cercaria enters the second intermediate host, it sheds its tail and becomes a metacercaria, which is little more than a miniature, but sexually immature, adult, that may, or may not, encyst.’
    • ‘In the presence of a competent immune response the parasite encysts.’
    • ‘The parasites encyst and lay their fertilized eggs within the lung of the host, to be passed enterically or via bronchial secretions.’
    • ‘The zoospores are disseminated by rain splash to grape tissues where they swim to the vicinity of stomata and encyst.’
    • ‘The autopsy showed a bullet encysted in his body from a previous shooting.’
    • ‘The grubs migrate through the tissue to the loin area where they encyst, cut a breathing hole in the skin of the animal on the back-line and complete their larval development.’
    • ‘They bore through the intestinal wall into a blood vessel and are carded to muscle tissue where they encyst, or form a protective capsule.’
    • ‘Depending on environmental conditions, it can shift from viviparous to oviparous reproduction, with production of encysted and dehydrated embryos.’



/ɪnˈsɪst/ /ɛnˈsɪst/