Definition of end-stage in English:



  • Denoting, relating to, or occurring in the final phase of a terminal illness.

    ‘he was suffering end-stage kidney failure’
    ‘patients with end-stage lung disease’
    • ‘Heart transplantation is the definitive therapy for eligible patients with end-stage heart failure.’
    • ‘In 2010, however, he suffered a bout of pneumonia which triggered end-stage renal failure.’
    • ‘Children with end-stage liver disease may be malnourished due to inadequate food consumption or abnormal absorption of nutrients.’
    • ‘A local non-profit foundation is offering people battling end-stage cancer alternative options and financial support.’
    • ‘The time frame would be longer in humans, but it is still a relatively short time from new onset to end-stage Type 1 diabetes’
    • ‘Williams had been receiving hospice care at home for end-stage cardiovascular disease before his near-death experience.’
    • ‘Under managed care, the fiscal incentive for hospitalizing acutely ill nursing home residents with end-stage dementia goes away.’
    • ‘She said that the collaboration could develop an unlimited supply of transplantable organs, potentially helping millions of patients who die from end-stage organ disease.’
    • ‘Why do we as a society spend so much on the end-stage treatment of disease and so very little on prevention, especially in children?’
    • ‘Waiting until the patient is end-stage is just waiting too long to introduce breakthrough technologies.’
    incurable, untreatable, inoperable, end-stage