Definition of end in tears in English:

end in tears


  • Have an unhappy or unpleasant outcome.

    ‘this treaty will end in tears’
    • ‘The outcome nearly always ends in tears, with tantrums on both sides and withheld fees.’
    • ‘In my experience, close proximity ends in tears more than anything else.’
    • ‘These women follow the same pattern in their dealings with the media: first they are used by Fleet Street, then they try to use Fleet Street, then it all ends in tears.’
    • ‘Of course, the story ends in tears for him.’
    • ‘Meanwhile Bobby and his friends start a rock group but it all ends in tears.’
    • ‘It always ends in tears when prime ministers think too much of their place in history instead of simply trying harder to govern the country well.’
    • ‘It wouldn't be right for you to get involved in this kind of relationship because from experience it nearly always ends in tears.’
    • ‘Either no one listens, or you get all carried away and proclaim yourselves as prophets, and it all ends in tears and fireballs.’
    • ‘The tragedy is that the love affair looks like ending in tears.’
    • ‘And, on both occasions, it all ended in tears.’
    • ‘The battle to save the Special School ended in tears and acrimony this week when councillors voted to close it.’