Definition of end one's days (or life) in English:

end one's days (or life)


  • Spend the final part of one's life in a specified place or state.

    ‘she ended her days in London’
    • ‘He ends his life as a bankrupt and a dependant of Flashman's aristocratic father-in-law.’
    • ‘A young soldier answers the call to fight for King and country, and ends his days in a society that disputes the necessity of soldiering.’
    • ‘And Bertram, full of the most charisma and promise as a youth, ends his days as a minor and mildly eccentric academic.’
    • ‘There are various stories doing the rounds over the past few year as to why Gavin is not ending his days at the Showgrounds where his experience would be a decided asset to a team bereft of wise heads.’
    • ‘As he boarded a plane from Manchester last February he was looking forward to ending his days in the bosom of his new-found family.’
    • ‘George goes off the rails again, ending his days in The Chelsea Hotel in New York.’