Definition of end times in English:

end times

plural noun

  • (in some religious beliefs) the period leading up to Judgement Day.

    ‘people in every age have wondered if the end times were going to occur during their lifetimes’
    • ‘The Pentecostal movement has also tended towards end times theology.’
    • ‘The publication contained a synthesis of the Mormon theology based around Biblical prophecy with a sprinkling of "end-times" millennialism.’
    • ‘Hearing these landed gentry talk using the language of end-times apocalypse is pretty nuts.’
    • ‘Most biblical scholars largely reject the eschatological assumptions of this kind of pop end-times literature.’
    • ‘We bless the name of the Lord for what he is using us to achieve all over the world in this end-times.’
    • ‘Acknowledging that not everyone agrees with my particular take on end times prophecies, at least my interpretations are based on some commonly accepted study.’
    • ‘It has been hard to miss NBC's promotions for Revelations, its six-part end-times miniseries that debuts tonight.’
    • ‘Bruce continues to operate his church, preaching a message of salvation and end times prophecy to all who will hear.’
    • ‘I guess everybody needs a hobby and endtimes speculations do the job for some.’
    • ‘For those fundamentalists in the 70s, the impending end times meant a necessary withdrawal from society in specific ways, not an increased involvement.’
    • ‘For Dee, as for many of his contemporaries and medieval predecessors, the natural world was growing increasingly corrupt as the end times approached.’
    • ‘This book combines two great tastes that go great together: fantasy/sci-fi disaster stories and end-times predictions.’
    • ‘Where did all this ' end-times ' pessimism come from?’
    • ‘It is a metaphor He uses quite often, many parables include references to the foundation of your building and standing the test of the end-times.’
    • ‘I used to read a lot of Norse mythology when I was a lad, and I always was into their vision of the endtimes of the gods, Ragnarok.’
    • ‘He professes to know end-times revelation and seems omnipresent and omnipotent, virtually accepted by all.’
    • ‘For most Americans, it appears, the Biblical account of the endtimes continues to resonate because there are few competing narratives.’
    • ‘Daniel speaks the truth of this world, a truth that remains for all time and is not reserved for some future (or imminent) end-times.’