Definition of end to end in English:

end to end


  • In a row with the end of one object touching that of another.

    ‘bales were laid end to end for a delivery’
    • ‘If every Barbie doll ever manufactured were laid end to end, they would circle the earth three and a half times.’
    • ‘If all the glass, wine and beer bottles were laid end to end, they would stretch from Ireland to Sri Lanka.’
    • ‘Once he has reached that figure he will begin laying the coins end to end to try and form the longest line of pennies ever.’
    • ‘If you laid all your blood vessels out end to end, they would wrap twice around the equator.’
    • ‘Well, imagine laying standard playing cards end to end from New York to San Francisco.’
    • ‘They are planning to surround their school with coins placed end to end.’
    • ‘Pipes often need to be connected end to end to reach from one roadside to the other.’
    • ‘If they had been laid end to end, the trees would measure 12 times the height of Blackpool Tower!’