Definition of end use in English:

end use


  • The application or function for which something is designed or for which it is ultimately used.

    • ‘The company modifies its coatings depending on the end use, application or even the equipment the ice cream manufacturer employs.’
    • ‘‘If there are concerns about the end use of such chemicals we will closely look at export applications under the consolidated EU national arms export licensing criteria,’ a spokesman said.’
    • ‘We also are working with partners who have a long, long record of accountability for the appropriate use of funding, and we will track and audit those expenses all the way again to the end use.’
    • ‘While economic development is a critical component of brownfields redevelopment, they recognize that establishing and restoring green space is also important and can be a viable end use for brownfields.’
    • ‘But no matter what the end use, the process used to build these round structures is unique and accounts for many of the monolithic dome's characteristics.’
    • ‘U.S. regulations require the seller to verify the end use of the product, tracing every pill from when it leaves the dock until it is swallowed.’
    • ‘The Department of Trade has commissioned a probe into the country's export controls, though officials still insist exporters must specify end use and exporters are aware of the penalties for breaches.’
    • ‘Two or three have asked what they are used for but the lack of knowledge to the end use is such that even my own wife is unaware of what they are used for.’
    • ‘‘The end use will determine which factor is most important,’ says Jeff West.’
    • ‘Other than the first set of aids which are given directly to the government to incur its recurrent expenses, no other channels of aid have transparent information on their end use and purpose statement.’
    • ‘The company has been asked to formally clarify which nuclear-related goods were being sent outside Europe and whether or not it was aware of the nuclear-related end use of the exports.’
    • ‘He urged architects to consider how the end use of buildings might change, and to ‘build flexibility in.’’
    • ‘Recently, there has been more emphasis on identity preserved production of grain and livestock that is produced in a specific manner for a specific end use.’
    • ‘Legal counsel is expected to argue that the panel has no authority to review emissions from the end use of the gas that would be transported in the pipeline.’
    • ‘Packaging and labeling of products depend on each products' end use.’
    • ‘There are hundreds of different makes and types of tool steels available and each may have a specific composition and end use.’
    • ‘They will seek details on what is produced, the end use of the products, customers, research and so on.’
    • ‘Choosing a finishing process is highly dependent on the nature of the component's end use.’
    • ‘Now, two years before the outer seawall will close, the government admits the created land has no clear end use.’
    • ‘The final test evaluates the performance of the chip according to its end use.’