Definition of endangerment in English:



mass noun
  • The action of putting someone or something at risk or in danger.

    ‘prosecutors charged him with reckless endangerment of fellow passengers’
    ‘child endangerment’
    • ‘The authors display their disciplinary strengths in the chapters dealing with the biological/ecological/environmental aspects of species endangerment.’
    • ‘For me to arm myself would be an act of public endangerment.’
    • ‘In September 1993, he was charged with two counts of first-degree wanton endangerment, court records show.’
    • ‘Species are listed, on the basis of reliable scientific evidence, according to their degree of endangerment.’
    • ‘Cooper, who fired four shots, faces a misdemeanor endangerment charge.’
    • ‘Matters addressed include treatment of POWs and endangerment of civilians.’
    • ‘Languages are becoming extinct at an alarming rate which makes language endangerment the area of the greatest current concern to linguists.’
    • ‘The student and parents have severed all contact due to circumstances that would constitute endangerment to the student.’
    • ‘In this way the turtle population is maintained at natural levels and risk of endangerment drastically reduced.’
    • ‘I think this directive may cause endangerment in the form of illegal abortions and abandoned children.’