Definition of endearingly in English:



  • In a manner that inspires affection.

    ‘he was admired by 'his boys', as he endearingly called them’
    • ‘Instead of sounding self-important, the effect is endearingly comic.’
    • ‘Sancho, too, despite his coarseness, is endearingly innocent.’
    • ‘And how did he go from endearingly pathetic to pathetically pathetic so fast?’
    • ‘Werner pens endearingly witty and engaging songs.’
    • ‘He smiled endearingly at her.’
    • ‘Preparing herself for a litany of soppy praise, Georgiana found her brother's narrative direct and endearingly touching.’
    • ‘She has quirks and a "personality" - as her mother endearingly terms it - that makes her stand out.’
    • ‘The author endearingly says that ' most people are honest. '’
    • ‘Awarded the Musician Of The Year trophy, he endearingly apologised for being American and expressed his appreciation of the British folk community.’
    • ‘He's also endearingly geeky - whenever he opens his trademark daypack, a computer magazine generally drops out.’