Definition of endergonic in English:



  • (of a metabolic or chemical process) accompanied by or requiring the absorption of energy, the products being of greater free energy than the reactants.

    • ‘Energy production in the various cell compartments and energy consumption in endergonic processes have to be well adjusted to the varying conditions.’
    • ‘Reactions with negative DG values are termed exergonic and those with positive DG values endergonic.’
    • ‘Dehydration is endergonic not only because the products are less strongly bonded, but because entropy is decreased in the synthesis of the more complex macromolecule.’
    • ‘Given that low saturation is more likely for pathways with a majority of endergonic steps, it is possible that in the endergonic case the manifestation of dominance is less dependent on selection.’


1940s from endo-‘within’ + Greek ergon ‘work’ + -ic.