Definition of endgame in English:



  • The final stage of a game such as chess or bridge, when few pieces or cards remain.

    ‘the game was adjourned after 41 moves in a rook and pawn endgame’
    ‘Clinton went into the 1992 endgame with a lead in more states than Carter in 1976’
    • ‘With the rise in use of exchange sacrifices, rook versus minor piece endgames are becoming more common, and there are key defensive techniques that a player must know.’
    • ‘There are a great many Rook and pawn endgames, reflecting their common occurrence in tournament practice.’
    • ‘Here, however, you will find more coverage of endgames with more pieces and pawns.’
    • ‘It is relatively easy to draw Rook and pawn endgames; easiest to lose King and pawn endgames.’
    • ‘And like any prolonged negotiation in its final stages, the endgame has turned into a real tussle.’
    • ‘It's true that five piece endgames are now played perfectly by computers.’
    • ‘The second section, covering 150 pages, provides detailed annotations of 61 complete games and 10 endgames.’
    • ‘You still have to learn about all the other things that players study: openings, endgames, pawn structures, planning, lots of tactical patterns, etc.’
    • ‘This problem teaches you a lot about king and pawn endgames.’
    • ‘Instead, it's a fascinating look at just how complex and beautiful King and pawn endgames can get.’
    • ‘Almasi played passively and Ivanchuk edged into a better endgame with one pawn up.’
    • ‘Many of the greatest masters have recommended that chess should be studied from the endgame.’
    • ‘We are conditioned to put the King into the thick of the action in an endgame.’
    • ‘Even its considerable section of exercises from master games sticks closely to the basic endgames he discusses.’