Definition of endlessly in English:



  • In a way that has or seems to have no end or limit.

    ‘the original episodes were endlessly repeated’
    as submodifier ‘an endlessly fascinating subject’
    • ‘In the section of self-portraits, Picasso does more than describe an endlessly changing inner life.’
    • ‘The commentary is by the producer, who endlessly wonders why the movie never took off.’
    • ‘The origin of Chaplin's tramp costume and character are endlessly debated topics.’
    • ‘The idea of practicing endlessly was just too much.’
    • ‘He talks endlessly of his deep love for books and writers.’
    • ‘He is endlessly enthusiastic about his own abilities.’
    • ‘Characters seemed to appear out of nowhere and the dialogue was endlessly repetitive.’
    • ‘The action sequences are endlessly inventive.’
    • ‘The same journalists endlessly regurgitate the same empty nonsense about climate change.’
    • ‘No matter what genre of fiction you prefer, you'll have a hard time putting down these two endlessly entertaining books.’