Definition of endnote in English:



  • A note printed at the end of a book or section of a book.

    • ‘This manifests itself most obviously in the absence of footnotes or endnotes, making the book subject to the usual advantages and disadvantages of this form of presentation.’
    • ‘McManus wrote extensive footnotes and endnotes while preparing the book.’
    • ‘There are 24 pages of densely packed endnotes in small print.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, even where a study or claim is noted, the majority of the references in the endnotes section are in Norwegian and untranslated.’
    • ‘Considerations of space have in some cases required me to shorten endnotes, remove textual notes, and delete illustrations.’
    • ‘Third, an 11 page section of endnotes is included to explain abbreviations or items in the text that require further clarification.’
    • ‘I should say that I highly prefer footnotes to endnotes, unless the chapter or book is very short.’
    • ‘The endnotes of the book should be very useful for the earnest scholar.’
    • ‘Footnotes and endnotes contain either explanations, citations or both.’
    • ‘Please use endnotes rather than footnotes for documentation and ensure there are no embedded notes or figures within the document.’
    • ‘This clearly written and solidly researched work would have been enhanced by footnotes or more extensive endnotes.’
    • ‘Those who want to do additional research will find an index and detailed bibliography, but no footnotes or endnotes.’
    • ‘The commentary has footnotes throughout and the endnotes provide useful references for further study.’
    • ‘I would have preferred to see some endnotes or footnotes and a subject index as well.’
    • ‘The letters are presented in chronological order with accompanying annotations coming within endnotes.’
    • ‘I decided while reading the first 200 pages to check endnotes and citations.’
    • ‘The book includes 185 pages of text and 35 pages of endnotes, so that the notes are available for the reader, but do not intrude on the text.’
    • ‘Endnotes containing an extensive resource list of books and articles are included.’
    • ‘In fact, fully half of the book's pages are devoted to endnotes, although these seem to include references to every book and article she came across during her research.’
    • ‘Many readers, like this reviewer, will stumble on the fact that there are endnotes only at quite a late stage in reading the book.’