Definition of endocrinology in English:



mass noun
  • The branch of physiology and medicine concerned with endocrine glands and hormones.

    • ‘In addition, each center focuses on specific research areas such as vascular and cancer biology, endocrinology, or neurobiological sciences.’
    • ‘He is professor of medicine and chief of endocrinology and metabolism at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and Health Sciences Center.’
    • ‘This gives rise to the necessity for multidisciplinary treatment centres to treat the conditions with a more holistic approach encompassing surgery, endocrinology, and psychology.’
    • ‘She is board-certified in internal medicine and endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism.’
    • ‘She was appointed a staff grade nurse in medicine and endocrinology at Morriston Hospital in January 1997.’
    • ‘A central focus of comparative physiology and endocrinology has been the influence of environmental factors on the development and performance of various systems or whole organisms.’
    • ‘Doctors often study the fields of reproductive endocrinology for women.’
    • ‘In 1950 he became associate professor in neurology at Dunedin and taught endocrinology.’
    • ‘He also wanted the wider public to have a better understanding of endocrinology and wrote two popular books, Health and Hormones and Hormones and the Body.’
    • ‘Founded in 1916, The Endocrine Society is the world's oldest, largest, and most active organization devoted to research on hormones, and the clinical practice of endocrinology.’
    • ‘The discovery of the pituitary gland as the controller of the body's hormonal balance was an important milestone in endocrinology.’