Definition of endodermis in English:


Pronunciation /ˌendōˈdərməs/ /ˌɛndoʊˈdərməs/


  • An inner layer of cells in the cortex of a root and of some stems, surrounding a vascular bundle.

    ‘The endodermis surrounding the vascular cylinder of the corm effectively blocked outward diffusion of the solutes.’
    • ‘There were no visible differences in the development of endodermis between the two varieties and growth conditions.’
    • ‘On analysis of freeze-dried sections of flower stem, these cells were identified as large, elongated cells situated between the phloem of every vascular bundle and the endodermis.’
    • ‘The chemical composition of cell walls from endodermis and hypodermis was analysed.’
    • ‘It was shown to be localized to root endodermis and flowers.’


Early 20th century from endo-‘within’ + modern Latin dermis ‘skin’.