Definition of endoskeleton in English:



  • An internal skeleton, such as the bony or cartilaginous skeleton of vertebrates.

    Compare with exoskeleton

    ‘This skeleton is enclosed by the epidermis and is thus an endoskeleton.’
    • ‘The endoskeleton, which is composed of the vertebrae and associated axial structures, the limbs, the brain case, and various components of the skull, is the skeleton that is most familiarly vertebrate.’
    • ‘The other type of skeleton is the endoskeleton, which provides a solid frame to carry the soft tissues of all vertebrates, including humans.’
    • ‘He ended up hurting himself more with hitting the metal endoskeleton underneath.’
    • ‘Our endoskeleton gives us the ability to move, decide, commit.’



/ˌendəˈskelətn/ /ˌɛndəˈskɛlətn/