Definition of endospore in English:



  • 1Biology
    A resistant asexual spore that develops inside some bacteria cells.

    • ‘The use of physical or chemical means to destroy all microbial life including highly resistant bacterial endospores.’
    • ‘We have directly visualized high-resolution native structures of bacterial endospores, including the exosporium and spore coats of four Bacillus species in air and water environments.’
    • ‘Only a few genera of bacteria such as Bacillus and Clostridium are capable of forming endospores.’
    • ‘Endospores may be located in the middle of the cells, at the end, or between the end and the middle of the cells.’
    • ‘Detecting bacterial endospores is a critical challenge to chemistry, since a number of serious diseases and health problems are caused by them.’
    1. 1.1The inner layer of the membrane or wall of some spores and pollen grains.
      ‘It is released from the outer cell wall of endospores at sporulation.’
      ‘Free endospores can be confused with small yeast forms.’