Definition of endotherm in English:



  • An animal that is dependent on or capable of the internal generation of heat; a warm-blooded animal.

    Often contrasted with ectotherm
    Compare with homeotherm

    ‘They are endotherms and they can finely tune the thermal, water, and chemical balance of their bodies from minute to minute.’
    • ‘However, the problem is severe for an endotherm, particularly a small endotherm, which must maintain a steady internal temperature and has a considerably greater demand for respiratory oxygen.’
    • ‘Extant birds are accomplished endotherms and many maintain the highest body temperatures.’
    • ‘Differential expression of seasonal energetic adaptations generates a continuum in the trophic status of endotherms during winter.’
    • ‘For example, display and assessment of potential mates may be less costly for endotherms at higher temperatures than at lower temperatures.’



/ˈendəˌTHərm/ /ˈɛndəˌθərm/


1940s from endo-‘within’, on the pattern of homeotherm.