Definition of endotracheal in English:



  • Situated or occurring within or performed by way of the trachea.

    ‘an endotracheal tube’
    • ‘Patients with compromised airways and respiratory failure will require immediate endotracheal intubation and positive pressure ventilation.’
    • ‘Many of the survivors would also have died if there had been no endotracheal tube.’
    • ‘He was anaesthetised and an endotracheal tube inserted, along with an internal stethoscope and temperature probe.’
    • ‘One of the main reasons for treating patients in an intensive care unit is that they need ventilatory support, usually by sedation and endotracheal intubation.’
    • ‘If there is any concern over maintenance of ventilation, an endotracheal tube is place by the surgeon.’



/ˌɛndə(ʊ)ˈtreɪkɪəl/ /ˌɛndə(ʊ)trəˈkiːəl/