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(also end paper)
  • A blank or decorated leaf of paper at the beginning or end of a book, especially one fixed to the inside of the cover.

    ‘green morocco covers and marbled endpapers’
    • ‘The arrangement of the cover to endpapers to title pages is such a marvelous set of elements to play with.’
    • ‘Books he used for teaching often had their endpapers covered with page numbers, references, and brief comments; these jottings formed his working index, a set of notes that would never be separated from the book.’
    • ‘The camera dwells lovingly on bookshelves, there are close ups of book covers and their spines, the title page and the endpapers.’
    • ‘In other pieces, the swirls and flecks of underlayers resemble the endpapers of antique books.’
    • ‘Readers writing in books usually takes the form of notes in the side margins of a book, though there are those who will scribble on the flyleaf or fill up the endpapers.’
    • ‘For paper, he went to university libraries and consulted old books, quickly ripping out the blank endpapers whenever no one was looking.’
    • ‘Each book is also accompanied by a bookmark that matches the endpaper exactly.’
    • ‘On the endpapers are my name and the address of the house where I grew up, in my mother's handwriting.’
    • ‘The atlas endpapers are topographic maps of Switzerland at a scale of 1: 800, 000.’
    • ‘Bright colored tissue endpapers often enclosed the body of the work.’
    • ‘The book's front endpaper is a map titled ‘My World as a Child,’.’



/ˈen(d)ˌpāpər/ /ˈɛn(d)ˌpeɪpər/