Definition of energy-saving in English:



  • Designed to make economical use of electricity, gas, or other forms of energy.

    ‘an energy-saving light bulb’
    ‘local authorities are keen to promote a range of energy-saving initiatives’
    • ‘Consumers are showing a preference for all refrigerators with energy-saving features.’
    • ‘The company also uses energy-saving systems that are a bit more conventional.’
    • ‘Because they often use the common kitchen, residents opted for small, energy-saving ovens and refrigerators in their individual kitchens.’
    • ‘The building's community gets along well and they enjoy meeting to discuss energy-saving measures with the architects.’
    • ‘Energy-saving fibre-optics have been used to illuminate the glass tubes lining the walls.’
    • ‘Energy-saving light bulbs are increasingly being used in hotels and public buildings.’
    • ‘Make sure the house is well and attractively lit: this is no time for energy-saving low wattage bulbs.’
    • ‘Are you using those energy-saving folded fluorescent tubes that are a plug-in replacement for conventional light bulbs?’
    • ‘Cool-burning, energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs have taken their place.’
    • ‘By applying energy-saving techniques and introducing fresh air, all of a building's occupants should be able to breathe a little easier.’
    • ‘She explains how energy-saving cars were developed and what's down the road.’
    • ‘The hospital was a blur of polished floors and pale yellow energy-saving light panels overhead.’
    • ‘They combine state-of-the-art energy-saving features with innovative design, inside and out.’
    • ‘By following some easy energy-saving tips, you can save money on your power bills to spend on summer fun.’
    • ‘We feature two new homes that utilize many energy-saving strategies.’
    cost-effective, effective, efficient, energy-efficient, fuel-efficient, energy-saving, fuel-saving, worthwhile, valuable, advantageous, cheap, inexpensive, low-cost, low-price, low-budget, budget, economy, reasonable, reasonably priced, cut-price