Definition of enfeoffment in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈfiːfm(ə)nt/ /ɪnˈfɛfm(ə)nt/


See enfeoff

  • ‘Regardless of its historical accuracy, the traditional version of the story of enfeoffment gave this northern borderland a legitimate relation with the heart-land of the Zhou dynasty.’
  • ‘It gives an abbreviated form of the story of Shu Yu of Tang's enfeoffment, and he is designated the shrine's subject of worship.’
  • ‘Walter de bath held £10 of land there by enfeoffment of Ralph de Valletorta.’
  • ‘The enfeoffment of abbeys differed in form and degree.’



/ɪnˈfiːfm(ə)nt/ /ɪnˈfɛfm(ə)nt/