Definition of enforcer in English:



  • 1A person or group that compels observance of or compliance with a law, rule, or obligation.

    ‘the city police's role as enforcers of traffic rules will increase’
    with modifier ‘we will encourage law enforcers to take strict measures against those involved in corruption’
    • ‘The risks of challenging the nuclear deterrent are grave for aggressor and enforcer alike.’
    • ‘The strategy was to shift the responsibility for policy compliance to the user and act as the policy author and enforcer.’
    • ‘Nation-states are the agents and enforcers of immigration controls and country boundaries.’
    • ‘Kearney said there was a fundamental problem with local authorities being service providers, regulators and enforcers.’
    • ‘Spitzer's attacks on Wall Street are inspiring other state enforcers to take on big corporate icons on behalf of consumers.’
    • ‘It was the second time antitrust enforcers have singled out the company in less than a month.’
    • ‘Europe has a restrictive law, but neither an army of bureaucratic enforcers nor packs of voracious trial lawyers.’
    • ‘The corporate enforcer has said that he intends to prosecute those who breach company law.’
    • ‘Craven District Council's reaction to this, it seems, is to appoint an enforcer.’
    • ‘Maybe we don't need peacekeepers, but we do need peace enforcers in the region.’
    1. 1.1informal A person who imposes their will by violence and intimidation.
      ‘gangland enforcers linked to a drugs gang’
      • ‘He is not only a restaurant manager but also a mob enforcer.’
      • ‘The underworld boss made his name as a ruthless enforcer for the feared Thompson family.’
      • ‘Spilotro, a chief enforcer in Las Vegas, and his brother, Michael, were found buried in a cornfield.’
      • ‘He did not have a structured gang himself, but he was used by others as an enforcer.’
      • ‘The Zetas were founded by Mexican special forces soldiers who deserted and went to work for the Gulf Cartel as enforcers.’
      • ‘He was born in 1933, and after World War II, joined the Sicilian Mafia as an enforcer.’
      • ‘Tom Hanks plays the part of an enforcer for a gangster during prohibition.’
      • ‘The family said a gang of fellow inmates sometimes acted as enforcers for jail guards.’
      • ‘They are volunteer paramilitaries who act as enforcers for the Revolutionary Guard.’
      • ‘He was a professional debt collector, brutal enforcer and sometimes executioner.’
    2. 1.2informal (in sport) a strong, aggressive, or intimidating player whose role is to protect teammates or dominate an area of the field of play.
      ‘the broad-chested former Liverpool defensive enforcer’
      • ‘In his fifth season in NYC, he flourished as the Knicks' enforcer - and did it as a center.’
      • ‘Batista is the most feared enforcer in the business today.’
      • ‘With every new season in the NHL comes a collection of new enforcers who want make a name for themselves.’
      • ‘The enforcer of the Brisbane Broncos, Gorden is one of the most uncompromising forwards in the modern game.’
      • ‘Petit is no longer the awesome enforcer he was in Arsenal's Double year of 1998.’
      • ‘Neville has slipped to the role of occasional midfield enforcer despite holding 50+ England caps.’
      • ‘The Boston Bruins' enforcer exacted revenge on Brashear with only a few seconds of the NHL game remaining.’
      • ‘The chief enforcers for the Falcons will come in the form of their pack.’
      • ‘He could be an enforcer against receivers coming across the middle, but he hasn't been.’
      • ‘The club might also need help in the enforcer category.’