Definition of engagingly in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒɪŋli/ /ɛnˈɡeɪdʒɪŋli/


See engaging

  • ‘I believe that my long-standing fondness for Waugh's novels is rooted in his skill in writing so engagingly about men who find themselves on their own and, somehow, out of place.’
  • ‘Green and fertile with magnificent valleys, dramatic mountainous terrain, and a rich cultural history, the island is engagingly picturesque.’
  • ‘That feeling that I've discerned something about what's happening in the world and successfully and engagingly written about it.’
  • ‘The story of the dollar is the story of the country's independence and emergence - and it couldn't have been told more engagingly.’
  • ‘It is engagingly written and its arguments challenge even where they shock or fail to persuade.’



/ɪnˈɡeɪdʒɪŋli/ /ɛnˈɡeɪdʒɪŋli/